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STAR Advanced PM Module: Assessing and Recovering Troubled Projects (1 day, 8 PDUs)


As the project complexity increases, it is getting harder to develop solid project baselines and getting the project under control. Somedays you would be facing a troubled project; the project may be your own or maybe one you have inherited. Knowing what to do when the time comes will be critical to your success. You need to take action immediately, to rapidly assess the troubled project, analyze the root causes and take effective steps to recover the project.


This course equipped the participants with the knowledge, framework, tools and techniques to assess troubled projects, analyze the root causes, develop a recovery plan and manage the transition to stabilize the projects and lead them to completion.
A case study is designed to simulate the environment of an actual troubled project, and will enable you to build your skills in a meaningful way. This course is a must for experienced project managers who need to know what to do when the projects get into trouble.

The learning objectives include:

  • Identify if your projects are in trouble
  • Perform a rapid assessment on the troubled projects
  • Determine whether recovery is possible
  • Establish a recovery plan
  • Lead a transition to a stabilized project
  • Define a continuous improvement system