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Elevating Your Project and Program Management with Color Communication! (3 PDUs)


Our world thrives on color and understanding its impact is key to effective communication.   This session delves into the strategic application of color to optimize communication effectiveness in Project and Program Management. Beginning with an exploration of color perception and its impact on emotions and the decision-making process, attendees will gain valuable insights into leveraging color as a powerful tool for conveying complex information and identifying recommended color schemes for various use cases. It also sheds light on color dynamics in fostering effective stakeholder management, illuminating the symbiotic relationship between color communication and stakeholder management.

Elevate your communication and strengthen Project and Program Management with the transformative potential of color. Join us on a journey towards organizational excellence, where every hue illuminates clarity and cohesion.



Teresa Toh
PMP, Chief Master Coach (CCMC)

Teresa has over two decades of professional experience in renowned multinational corporations, where she spearheaded global cross-functional teams to achieve strategic business objectives.   Teresa currently leads APAC Program Management Office at a Multi-National Company. She also assumes a central role as the facilitator to enhance the organization’s workforce through leadership and soft skills training.

She is a Certificated Chief Master Coach (CCMC) and a member of ICF. In addition to her corporate role, Teresa actively contributes to the coaching community by working with leaders, individuals and underprivileged university students to unleash their potential.