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Benefit Module: Presenting To WIN! (2 days, 15 PDUs)

From an understanding of your audience, preparation, to effective presentation, communication and follow ups, this program prepares you to effectively manage the stakeholders and lead your projects or functional teams to success!
"A good leader is an effective communicator – using a ‘language’ which is words and non-words to build trust, encourage collaboration, to synergize teamwork!"

• Audience Delight - Personality type
• What In It For You (WIIFY)
• Purpose and Set Up
• Pre-frame

• Power of Body Language
• Power of Vocal Varieties
• How to Say It

• Self-limiter and self-fulfilling prophecy
• Fake It To Make it
• Winner Mindset

• Power of Rapport
• 1st impression and handshake
• Color psychology

• Think On Your Feet - Learn how to think for idea
• Organize the Data Dump - cluster
• Make it a structure - KISS
• Make it visual – Don’t make them think

• Handle Difficult audiences
• Handle Difficult questions

• Listen with different ears
• Listen to understand
• Listen to the unspoken

• The Do and Don’t Rules

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Normal: RM 1,280 per pax

Early Bird: RM 980 per pax (Register 2 weeks before the training dates)

Including Training Materials, breaks, lunch and qualified instructor with vast industry experience.