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Breakthrough: The Power Of Effective Presentation (3 half-days, 12 PDUs)

Online Live and HRDF claimable!

* Gain insights to master your presentation skills, from preparation, delivering to getting feedback and follow through!

* Include tips on effective Online Presentation!

  • Communication is POWER!  Effective Communication is the matches to ignite the POWER!
  • Effective Communication gives Power to Inform (Get the message across)
  • Effective Communication gives Power to Influence (Get consent and buy-off)
  • Effective Communication gives Power to Inspire (Get mindset, attitude and behavior CHANGE)
  • A good leader is an effective communicator, as communication is the ‘language’ to build trust, to instill collaboration, to synergize teamwork, and to leverage everyone’s potential, it is a language to understand diversity and differences.

At the completion of the course, you will be able to:

  • Use the power of communication to inform, influence, persuade and inspire others to work towards the desired goals
  • Identify the communication style and personality traits to conquer the audience effectively
  • Break the fear and be confident to express thoughts, ideas and suggestions in public
  • Use the power of body language to capture and reduce the micro inequities
  • Use of active listening skills with different ears to the different people and condition
  • Use of Impression Management to build trust with the audience
  • Use of KISS concept to design the presentation
  • Learn how to present virtually even if you don’t get to see your audience
  • Learn how to answer difficult questions
  • Learn how to handle difficult audience
  • Learn to give feedback and evaluation
  • Learn to present in Live (pre and post presentation) with personalized evaluation

 Module 1: The Body Language

  • Let us get started
  • The body speaks
  • Pre-presentation

 Module 2: Impression Management

  • Rapport and 1st impression
  • Small Talk
  • Know your audience personality type
  • Handle difficult audience

 Module 3: Break the FEAR

  • Something bigger than fear
  • Impromptu speaking

 Module 4: Use of Visual Aids

  • KISS method
  • Virtual presentation

 Module 5: Good presentation in Bad time

  • Handle difficult questions
  • Structure & choice of words
  • Active listening skills
  • Provide evaluation
  • Post Presentation
  • Graduation


Managers, Senior Executives, Technical Specialists, Financial Analysts, Public Affairs Experts, Sales & Marketing Professionals, Training Professionals and anyone who wish to sharpen the communication skills


  • Training conducted via Online Live learning platform
  • Practice session in every lesson with trainer and peer evaluation
  • Pre and Post presentation to qualify to Graduation
or Call /WhatsApp Ken +6016 4188 109 (We will respond within 24 hours) 

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Early Bird: RM 495 per pax (register 2 weeks before the training dates)

Normal: RM 880 per pax

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