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Front Line Management 101


Front Line Managers (FLMs) including team leads, supervisors, managers, etc. are the first or second level managers or team leaders directly responsible for management of front-line employees.   Found in almost all companies, such managers are particularly important in industries with distributed sites and /or employees. These industries, e.g., RND, manufacturing, infrastructure, travel and logistics, health care, and retailing, make up more than half of the global economy. The FLMs manage as much as two-thirds of the workforce and are responsible for the part of the company that typically defines the productivity, quality and customer experience!    


FLMs face tremendous challenges daily, to lead and manage teams, and ensure timely delivery of product or services with good quality.   In addition, FLMs need to align to Senior Management and Organization’s vision and mission, and to contribute to the growth of the company.    To ensure the success of FLMs and organizations, effective FLMs Development Program is essential.


The objectives of this workshop are to provide essentials and critical knowledge and skills to the FLMs to lead and manage teams effectively.   The workshop includes effective leadership and management skills, practical approaches to connect and develop their teams, motivate teams to achieve higher performance, communicate effectively, manage team performance, provide timely feedback to their teams and at the same time receiving feedback in positive manners, for continuous improvement.

RM988 per pax *price exclude 6% Service Tax *In-house can be arranged upon request