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Practical and Effective Facilitation Skills Workshop


Practical and Effective Facilitation Skills are important skills for Front Line Managers (FLM), leaders, managers, and team lead. Having good facilitation skills allows FLM to get feedback, involvement, and commitment from your teams, from meetings, discussions or workshops to seek opinions and ideas, engage the team and attain commitment from the team to any discussion, operational or project work. 

This workshop equips the participants with a good understanding of facilitation knowledge and skills, facilitation steps, tools, self and team awareness, practical sessions and feedback to sharpen your facilitation skills and techniques.   This, in turn, will make the participants to be greater leaders and to fuel the growth of your organization!


The objectives of this Workshop include:

  • Understand the facilitation basics and needs
  • Understand the objectives and differences among operational meetings, project meetings, discussion, workshop, reviews, or focus group discussion or strategic planning session
  • Key facilitation steps
  • Understand yourself and others
  • Understand Team Development Stages
  • Preparation: set objectives, agenda, desired outcomes and template guides
  • During the session: facilitation skills, tools (includes templates) and techniques
  • After the session: summarize and conclude effectively
  • Apply the knowledge and skills with exercises, case studies, and role playing
  • Develop an individual action plan for application and continuous development after the workshop