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Leading, Managing & Organising for Innovation Success

The tsunami of change levers, technological convergence, and the COVID-19 Black Swan event has impacted the industry significantly. Increasingly intense competition in a fast-changing and disruptive environment is forcing organisations and working professionals to develop and innovate new services,  products, processes and business models, as well as countless upskilling. To remain in the game, organisations must constantly keep abreast with the latest emerging trend and best business practices. At the same time, working professionals must not remain stagnant in their skills department but constantly upskilling themselves. Delivering values to yourself, your customers and your organisation are essential in today's industry.

Innovation has become a common buzzword from offices to board rooms to households and industry. It is also a word with countless interpretations depending on who you talk to. Innovation is limitless and often only constrained by your imagination. Think of it as a tool that can leap-frog you into the new frontier and thrive. Do you know what Innovation means? How much do you know about Innovation beyond just the word? More importantly, are you already to benefit from it? 

It's time to stand out and master the Top #1 job skill of 2025!

Innovation is an easy word to say but challenging to do. It means different things to different people. Just like engineering, which is the practice of applying science and math to solve problems, Innovation is a hands-on practice that delivers creative, novel valuable solutions to problems. As there are no one-size fits all approach, the combination and permutations of routes an individual or organisation take can be pretty daunting. This programme prepares the participants to narrow the Say-Do Innovation gap through team-play. 

esprit de corps ! It's time for the team to play the Innovation Games!


We must differentiate ourselves and create new value propositions and market niches to move beyond today's competition through Innovation. By the end of the course, participants can comprehend and articulate the following:

  • Classify what is/is not innovation and outline the steps and elements needed for innovation success
  • Be C.R.E.A.T.I.V.E. and Master the 5 must-have innovator’s skills.
  • Follow the ISO Innovation Management System Framework to take creative ideas into successful commercialisation
  • Learn the Innovation Framework & understand the different perspectives of individual contributors, champions and managers but work as a team for innovation success
  • Combining the Strategy, Project Management, Support and Continuous Improvement and the interplay between them to build resiliency
  • Develop a shared vision of Innovation and the Innovation Management System (IMS)
  • Explain and practice the innovation management process from strategy to execution and create value
  • Learn Innovation through playing (without having to read pages of innovation books)
  • Understand & experience the value creation process of Innovation with a simulated real-world environment
  • Appreciation of the Innovation Management System as guardrails
  • Measuring and managing innovation projects and building confidence to innovate successfully

esprit de corps! Having fun & Teaming for Innovation Success!

The Innovation Methodology, Tools, and Framework are based on the International Association of Innovation Professionals (IAOIP)’s Global Innovation Science Handbook, and the ISO56000 Series Standards. The Serious Game is a registered trademark and property of InnovationWay.


  • Individual contributors, Engineers, ICT Specialists, Technologists, Manufacturing & Process engineers and knowledge talent who aspire to participate as champions in innovation projects and make innovation works
  • Innovation Champions, Managers, Middle Management staffs and Decision Makers who want to learn how to make innovation works in their organisations.
  • Emerging leaders seeking to build a culture of innovation and nurture the team’s innovation voices at work

Interested in this fun team building exercise & learn?  Please contact [email protected] to sign up.