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The Ten Faces of Innovation

Increasingly intense competition in fast-changing environment is forcing organizations to develop and innovate new services, products and solutions to enlighten and exceed customers’ expectations. Organisations must constantly keep themselves abreast and leverage the relevant technology and best business practices just to remain in the game. Industry 4.0 technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled assistants etc are getting more common to help its human counterparts be more productive with the repetitive and routine works.  The prevalent use of chat-bots to manage helpdesks have also been gaining momentum, amongst others. In this fast moving world, are your employees able to leverage these enabling technology to outpace your competitions and offer niche value propositions?  

To move beyond today’s competitions, organisations must continuously strive to differentiate themselves by innovating new value propositions in the form of new products, services and solutions to win customers and create market niche. In a highly competitive and crowded environment, competitions for the same talent workforce is intense, let alone leveraging them to create new value propositions for your customers. Now, it is ever critical for organisations to rely on its talent workforce in creating new differentiators for both the organisations and knowledge talent for future success.

Past-participants' feedbacks

"Love the practical - live coaching * hands-on on one of the innovation activities"

"Able to grasp the Anthropologist - The unfamiliar in the familiar situation"

"The open discussions in break-out rooms on real-project increase participants' involvement and understanding".

"It allowed us to understand the problems clearly and apply the ten faces of innovation to come out with the innovative solutions."

This programme help participants understand the human elements involved in innovating new products, services and solutions. Human resources and people are key in any innovation activity. Research has shown that knowledge workforce usually take on various roles and responsibilities when innovating as a team. The diversity and inclusiveness of innovation roles offer a new vocabulary, sparking a fresh perspective that invites team members to make their own unique contributions to the success of the organisation.

By the end of the course, participants are able to comprehend the following:

• Understand that Innovation success is hugely dependent on the knowledge workforce & human talent

• Understand the different Innovation Personas, beyond the Devil’s advocates that many are familiar with

• Knowledge about the Ten Faces of Innovation, or Personas

• The Learning Personas (The Anthropologist, The Experimenter, The Cross-Pollinator)

• The Organising Personas (The Hurdler, The Collaborator, The Director)

• The Building Personas (Experience Architect, Set Designer, Storyteller, Caregiver)

• Mirror Mirror On the Wall- What does our team need to be successful in identifying needs

• Prioritise deep dives into key personas based on Innovation 360 Inno_Survey Analytics Results

• Priority Personas Deep Dives & Coaching

• Coaching on the opportunity areas as identified as priority- eg. Anthropologist etc

• Sharpened skills for the identified Personas


  • Engineers, ICT Specialists, Technologists, and knowledge talent who aspire to innovate new value products, services and solutions.
  • Middle Management staffs, Executives, Innovation Champions, Innovation Evangelists and anyone who are interested to nature and support the development of innovation roles in the knowledge talent.

DURATION (3-Days) with Instructor Led

Day 1 (8:30 am – 5.00 pm) – Class room lecture

Day 2 (8:30 am – 5.00 pm) – Deep Dives into Priority Personas

Day 3 (8:30 am – 5.00 pm) – Coaching on the Priority Personas on project